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Become a Vendor

Location Services national collateral recovery services are a combination of our direct recovery and vendor network.  Our recovery network is the best of the best.  Location Services clients range from a long list of credit unions to the largest financial institutions.

Benefits of working with Location Services

Location Services has a dedicated Vendor Services team who carefully oversees every part of the process, from onboarding to account flow to compliance. Our contract offers competitive rates, dual indemnification, and true partnership. We are focused on ensuring our vendors are part of the team.  

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How to become a vendor partner.

To become part of the Location Services’ team contact Vendor Services at
A team member will contact you regarding your interest. 

Accept Jobs from Anywhere at Any Time

With the LS Transport™ app, doing your job and knowing how much your’re making has never been easier.

  • Convenient – Manage your jobs easily with our one-stop screen.
  • Eliminates paperwork – Take photos, submit condition reports and sign electronically.
  • Real-time information – add notes, report delays or cancel orders.
  • VIN number scanning – reduce mistakes that can occur from calling in VIN numbers.
  • Track Earnings – See how much you’re making from each job and year-to-date.

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RA# RA License #
Fairfield RA# 1840
Fremont RA# 1841
Concord RA# 1842
Rancho Cordova RA# 1843
San Lorenzo (Oakland) RA# 1844
Fresno RA# 1845
Bakersfield RA# 1846
Modesto RA# 1847
Chico RA# 1848
Arcadia RA# 1849
Colton RA# 1850
Chula Vista RA# 1851
Salinas RA# 1852
Indio RA# 1853
Panorama City RA# 1854
Santa Fe Springs RA# 1855
Folsom RA# 1856
Pasadena RA# 1857
Moreno Valley RA# 1858
Poway RA# 1859