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About Location Services LPR Business Partnerships

Location Services’ business partnerships with our valued repossession agency partners are specifically and intently grounded in trust, respect, and integrity.  We understand the importance of bringing value to the relationship, through experienced leadership, process optimization and technical innovation.  We have developed a business model that rewards our partners efforts and commitment to excellence.  We stand by our products and services, but most importantly, we stand for our repossession agency partners!

Market Disrupting Digital Technologies

At Location Services, we've invested heavily in state-of-the-art digital technologies to bring the very best in capability and price to our repossession agency partners.  Ground-breaking enhancements include flexible mobile device connectivity, technically designed LPR web portal and mobile app kit software, streamlined kit configuration and design, integration with OpenALPR software, and API integrations.  Location Services digital technologies include market disrupting capabilities and competitive economic price points, never heard of in the industry. 

Location Services Commitment and Support

Location Services’ commitment to our valued repossession agency partners is steadfast and unwavering.  We have invested heavily in LPR digital technologies and we are committed to the success of our valued repossession agency partners through fully staffed IT, digital operations and LPR support teams.  Unlimited access to historical scans, a growing hot list of the nations' leading lenders and banks, and a responsive, knowledgeable support staff are among the many benefits of LPR by Location Services.



Find anyone, anywhere.

Effective Data Consumption

Location Services leverages our internal analytics team and industry-leading data modeling to locate customers.  Through a process of ongoing collateral and individual monitoring, robust data sources updated in real-time, and a comprehensive internal training and development process, the skip locate representatives at Location Services are poised to generate effective, efficient, compliant location information for our clients.

Reporting & Analytics

Location Services provides data transparency and granular performance analysis for our client partners.  We provide custom tailored performance scorecards and target-oriented variance analysis, working collaboratively to help identify areas of opportunity and offer solutions to help our clients meet their operating objectives.  Location Services works diligently to monitor various performance attributes of both our internal skip locate representatives, and repossession vendor partners. 

Best-in-Class Compliance

Location Services is a Nationally vetted vendor to many of the nation’s largest banks. We are uniquely positioned to be the industries number one “compliance leader” with our state-of-the-art recovery platform, highly experienced leadership team, rigorous process documentation, analytical measurement and process control capabilities.  We leverage our compliance capabilities across our Repossession Agency partners to enhance their operational capabilities and compliance standards.