Repossession Managment

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Repossession Management

Excellence in repossession management begins and ends with sound training, process optimization and technical capabilities.  At Location Services, we leverage each of these core competencies to bring our repossession agency partners a trusted and valued service, which further enhances their efficiency, effectiveness and compliance capabilities.  At Location Services, we treat our repossession agency partners with trust, respect and integrity.  

Analytical Rigor and Modeling

State of the art analytics, modeling, and robotics are the future of repossession management and loss mitigation services and Location Services is on the cutting edge of this capability.  Leveraging our highly experienced leadership team and our unique data and modeling capability, Location Services is committed to providing our valued repossession agency partners with the most optimal data elements to improve repossession recovery rates across the industry!

Innovative Technologies and Business Partnerships

Location Services is the nation’s only vertically integrated repossession License Plate Recognition business. Our investment in digital LPR technologies resulted in a state-of-the-art design, market disruptive capabilities and the most competitive price point in the industry.  Our commitment to our valued repossession partners is grounded in our investment in technology and most importantly, through the manner in which we engage with our Repossession partners; through trust, respect and integrity!

Best-in-Class Compliance

Location Services is a nationally vetted vendor to many of the nation’s largest banks. We are uniquely positioned to be the industries number one “compliance leader” with our state-of-the-art recovery platform, highly experienced leadership team, rigorous process documentation, analytical measurement and process control capabilities.  We leverage our compliance capabilities across our Repossession Agency partners to enhance their operational capabilities and compliance standards.