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Location Services and LS Remarketing provide an online vehicle auction service specializing in remarketing used and repossessed vehicles from banks, credit unions and financial institutions. Inventories range in variety and include everything from cars, trucks, SUVs, and RVs to Boats and Motorcycles.

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Auto remarketing is a strategic process within the automotive industry that involves the resale of used vehicles. It plays a pivotal role in optimizing the lifecycle of vehicles that have returned from leases, undergone repossessions or entered the used car market. This practice focuses on enhancing the value of these vehicles through efficient marketing, reconditioning and pricing strategies. Auto remarketing streamlines the transition of vehicles from one ownership phase to another, ensuring maximum returns for sellers and attractive options for buyers. Location Services plays a crucial role in this process by helping companies track down these vehicles and ensure their smooth recovery.

In the financial industry, remarketing refers to the recovery and resale of assets, particularly vehicles, after repossession due to defaulted loans. Finance companies often partner with specialized agencies, like Location Services, to efficiently handle the remarketing process. This involves assessing the condition of repossessed assets, determining their market value and strategically marketing them for resale to mitigate financial losses. Location Services helps financial institutions retrieve these assets efficiently, minimizing losses and maximizing recovery value.

A remarketing department is a specialized division within an organization, often in finance or automotive sectors, dedicated to managing the resale process of assets, especially vehicles. This department oversees various aspects, including asset assessment, pricing strategies, marketing initiatives and coordination with remarketing partners like Location Services. Its primary goal is to optimize returns on repossessed or off-lease assets through strategic planning and execution.

An example of remarketing is when a financial institution repossesses a vehicle due to non-payment. The remarketing process involves assessing the vehicle’s condition, determining its market value and collaborating with a company, like Location Services, to effectively market and resell the vehicle. This ensures that the financial institution recovers as much value as possible from the asset.


While beneficial in most cases, remarketing comes with inherent risks such as market fluctuations, potential depreciation of assets and challenges in accurately assessing the resale value. Additionally, economic downturns may impact the demand for used vehicles, affecting the overall success of the remarketing process. Companies engaging in remarketing must stay agile, employing strategic risk management practices to navigate uncertainties effectively. Location Services mitigates these risks by leveraging robust tracking technology, secure storage facilities, and expertise in legal and compliance matters.

A remarketing manager plays a pivotal role in overseeing the entire remarketing process. Responsibilities include developing and implementing effective remarketing strategies, coordinating with remarketing partners like Location Services, analyzing market trends and optimizing pricing strategies. The manager ensures seamless execution of remarketing initiatives to maximize returns on repossessed or off-lease assets.

A remarketing agent acts as a liaison between financial institutions and remarketing companies like Location Services. Their role involves facilitating the efficient recovery and resale of repossessed assets, particularly vehicles. Remarketing agents collaborate with various stakeholders, assess asset conditions and implement strategic marketing plans to ensure optimal returns for their clients.

Creating an effective remarketing strategy involves a comprehensive approach. You begin by conducting a thorough assessment of repossessed or off-lease assets, understanding market trends and collaborating with remarketing partners such as Location Services. You will want to develop targeted marketing campaigns, optimize pricing based on market conditions and leverage digital platforms to reach potential buyers. Be sure to regularly analyze and adjust the strategy to align with evolving market dynamics.

A successful remarketing strategy involves:

  • Understanding the market: Analyze local trends, target buyer demographics, and competitor pricing.
  • Assessing vehicle condition: Categorize vehicles based on repair needs and potential selling channels.
  • Setting realistic goals: Determine desired timelines, pricing targets, and profit margins.
  • Choosing the right channels: Consider online platforms, dealer auctions, or direct sales.
  • Optimizing marketing efforts: Utilize targeted advertising and effective sales tactics.

Location Services contributes to effective strategies by providing data-driven insights into vehicle locations, market conditions and buyer behavior.

Remarketing encompasses various types, including vehicle remarketing, equipment remarketing and real estate remarketing. In the automotive industry, specific types include retail, wholesale and online remarketing. Each type caters to distinct markets and involves unique strategies. Understanding these variations is crucial for companies like Location Services to tailor services effectively to meet client needs.

A vehicle remarketing company, such as Location Services, specializes in the efficient recovery and resale of vehicles that have undergone repossession. These companies collaborate with financial institutions to provide comprehensive remarketing solutions. Services may include asset assessment, market valuation, marketing strategies and coordination with remarketing partners like

Location Services. Vehicle remarketing companies play a crucial role in maximizing returns for financial institutions while offering viable options to potential buyers.

Yes, remarketing involves costs associated with asset assessment, marketing efforts and coordination with remarketing partners. These expenses are typically borne by the entity initiating the remarketing process, such as a financial institution partnering with companies like Location Services. While there are costs involved, the goal is to optimize returns on repossessed assets, making the remarketing process financially viable in the long run.

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